Designers Available

Connecting designers and other creatives with non-profits and grassroots organizations to support their missions with pro bono design work.

What Is It

Designers Available is a response to an urgent need to call our skills to action as a creative community. This project is intended to connect designers interested in contributing their skills in support of non-profits and community organizations actively facilitating social change through direct service, arts and culture, and grassroots politics and activism.

The Network

Designers Available is a project initiated in November 2016 by Joelle Riffle, an independent designer based in New York. She works full-time at an art and design college access program and runs an online visual journal called The Designers Available network is made up of just under 150 designers and other creatives around the country. Contact info (at)

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Sign up online to be included in our designer and organization directories.




We’ll contact the organization to discuss your specific project needs and goals.




We’ll contact a few designers in our network who seem like a good match.




When we’ve found a designer who is interested and available, we’ll connect you. We’ll help you set up a work plan, including a timeline and work agreement.




We’ll check in occasionally to see how the project is going and if any issues need to be worked out together.


Take a look at some projects from previous Designers Available collaborations.

Swirl is a multiracial community committed to initiating and sustaining cross-racial, cross-cultural dialogue. Branding designed by Youngshim Gontijo.


The Human Trafficking Clemency Initiative (HTCI) is a pro bono representation project, made up of volunteer attorneys, legal advocates, and law school clinics, formed to assist survivors of human trafficking convicted of sex trafficking, and other related offenses, in the federal criminal system. Branding designed by Guillermo Torres.


Through partnerships with social service organizations and city agencies, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) creates theatre troupes with community members who face pressing social, economic, health, and human rights issues. Poster designed by Boyeon Choi.


The Parole Preparation Project collaborates with and advocates for parole-eligible people serving life sentences in New York State prisons. Branding designed by Joelle Riffle.


Ways to Support

If you’re interested in supporting or participating in this initiative, here are some ways to get involved:

Participate as a designer.

Participate as an organization.

Support through funds or materials.

Offer services as project manager or support organizing the initiative.

Let us use your space.

Share information about Designers Available with your networks and community.

Community & Accountability

Designers who have agreed to be part of the network and work on projects through the initiative agree to a set of community agreements. This is a pro-safe space initiative and every effort will be made to uplift the perspectives of marginalized people and ensure their safety in the community. The initiative should strive to maintain healthy and productive partner (client) relationships. Incidents of harassment or abuse within the network or in partner relationships will not be tolerated. Individuals accused of such will not be invited to work on projects and will not be considered part of the network.