Connecting social justice organizations with pro bono design help.

Designers Available is no longer accepting requests for design support.

When I started Designers Available (D/A) in 2016, I didn’t see opportunities for graphic designers to directly connect with social justice work. Seven years later, I can see with a certain clarity that we need Designers Available less than ever before.

Pro bono design collaborations.

Take a look at some projects from previous Designers Available collaborations.

Swirl is a multiracial community committed to initiating and sustaining cross-racial, cross-cultural dialogue. Branding designed by Youngshim Gontijo.


The Human Trafficking Clemency Initiative (HTCI) is a pro bono representation project, made up of volunteer attorneys, legal advocates, and law school clinics, formed to assist survivors of human trafficking convicted of sex trafficking, and other related offenses, in the federal criminal system. Branding designed by Guillermo Torres.


Through partnerships with social service organizations and city agencies, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) creates theatre troupes with community members who face pressing social, economic, health, and human rights issues. Poster designed by Boyeon Choi.


The Parole Preparation Project collaborates with and advocates for parole-eligible people serving life sentences in New York State prisons. Branding designed by Joelle Riffle.


Why Design

A strategic communications plan supported by powerful visual design can help organizations level up in their ability to reach their audiences of supporters and those they help to serve.

What is Designers Available?

Designers Available (D/A) connects social justice organizations with communication designers for pro bono collaborations. Designers Available was founded by Joelle Riffle, an independent designer and artist in November 2016. Joelle works full-time as a graphic designer at a non-profit architecture firm. The Designers Available network is made up of over 300 creatives around the world. Contact info (at)

What can Designers Available do for my organization?

Our designers can partner with you to create the following and more:

  • A brand identity including logos and recommended typography, branded elements, and color and a plan for how to implement it
  • Social media graphics and email newsletters
  • Fundraising campaign materials
  • Event collateral like invitations, printed programs, and presentations
  • A website to centralize your organization's resources